About me

I am a scientist passionate about technology and innovation. I have a strong background in biochemistry (I have recently finished a Ph.D. in Chemistry). While I was working on my Ph.D., I developed a growing interest in programming. I started with some basic Python courses to analyze and visualize the data I obtained from my experiments. After finishing my Ph.D., I realized I could use my background in basic science to follow a career as a data scientist analyzing data for biotech and pharma projects.

Gabriela Tormet

Research Experience

I am passionate about chemistry and biochemistry. I have been researching in the area of biotechnology and biocatalysis for the last 6 years. Biocatalysis is a poerful tool to develop greener catalysts (called biocatalysts) for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Biocatalysts are biological systems used to perform chemical transformations, being the most used, the enzymes. I have used different enzymes through my research: epoxide hydrolases, oxide reductases, lipases. Read more about my research here.

Educational Projects

The social projects are my second passion. As a Latina scientists, I want to give a contribuition in the improving of the access to high education in our region, particularly supporting young people, who want to have a career in STEM. For that reason, I have founded Becas.LA, a social entrepreneurship project, which consists of an online platform for divulgating in real time fellowships and grants opportunities for Latin American students who are looking to study abroad.

A Bit More Of Me

Member of the Social Media subcommittee of the International Younger Chemists Network.

Prospection of opportunities of the Jovem Pesquisadores da Sociedade Brasileira de Química.

Instructor Internship, subject organic chemistry laboratory.

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In my free time, I like to share my love for science by writing popular press articles. Some of them are: